Practice Areas

Business Law

Comprehensive Business Law Services

We are your go-to firm for all your business law needs. Over his 30-plus year career, attorney Bruno has a proven record of helping clients achieve success. In addition to his extensive experience and knowledge, Mr. Bruno prioritizes the individualized service you need to ensure your business is on the right track.

Our firm is not just a place you can go to get specific legal services. We are your advocates and guides, helping you strategize and implement your plans to create a path to success. We always act in your best interests by developing innovative solutions to hurdle the obstacles that stand in the way of your aspirations. If there is a more efficient, cost-effective way to achieve your goals, we will advise you of that option and work diligently on your behalf to realize it.
Our Capabilities

Our lawyers help businesses across the spectrum of industries in a wide range of business matters, including:

    Business formation
    Business agreements, including shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, employment agreements and agreements with clients, customers, vendors and suppliers
    Buy-sell agreements, including stock and asset purchases
    Mergers and acquisitions
    The purchase, sale and lease of real estate and business equipment
    Business divorce (the dissolution of a business)
    Litigation and dispute resolution

Intellectual Property

Application, Licensing And Infringement Matters For Your Intellectual Property

At Bam of New York, Inc., we leverage our extensive experience in intellectual property to your benefit in securing and protecting your copyright and trademark interests.

Our intellectual property practice includes:

    Copyright and trademark registration for creative work, marks and designs in a variety of fields and across the spectrum of industries
    Trademark registration, maintenance and protection, including the searches necessary and completing your application in federal and state trademark offices
    Copyright enforcement, including infringement litigation, works under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and help with international enforcement efforts
    Trademark enforcement, from cease and desist letters to aggressively protecting your interests in court
    Licensing of intellectual property where the owner gives permission to a third party to use the intellectual property rights, in whole or in part, in exchange for a fee or royalty for a specific period of time
    Infringement litigation to prosecute or defend a claim that a protected intellectual property right has been violated

While we are well-versed in intellectual property matters, we are not registered patent attorneys. However, we work with outside counsel composed of registered patent attorneys to meet copyright needs. With more than 30 years in intellectual property registration and enforcement, Bruno has built a network of skilled intellectual property lawyers who can handle any intellectual property matter. Because we consider ourselves as part of your team, we will always attempt to get you to your goal as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while protecting your legal rights and ideas.

As Aggressive In Court As We Are Knowledgeable About Intellectual Property

While we have helped countless individuals and businesses obtain copyrights and trademarks, Bam of New York, Inc. is an aggressive litigation law firm. Our attorneys are as comfortable and skilled in the courtroom as they are at the negotiating table and in drafting and review services.

What that means for our clients is that we can help them throughout their intellectual property matters. We can ensure your copyright or trademark is registered correctly. We can license intellectual property and exploit its full potential and value. If a third party does use your copyrighted or trademarked material without permission, we have the resources and experience to file a lawsuit on your behalf and obtain a fair result, whether by settlement or judgment and its enforcement.

Probate & Estate Planning

Protecting Your Family’s Future And Your Legal Rights

The knowledgeable estate planning attorneys at Bam of New York, Inc. have been preparing comprehensive estate plans for decades. From complex trusts to simple wills, we have the knowledge and experience to help you create a tailored estate plan that ensures your wishes are carried out regarding your money, your health and your possessions. Such plans also include health care proxies, living wills and powers of attorney (both durable and springing).

Comprehensive Estate Planning And Probate Legal Services

William Russo has provided estate planning and probate services for over 40 years. From complex estate and tax minimization planning to ensuring your medical wishes are carried out, Mr. Russo will meticulously prepare your estate with an eye toward maximizing benefits for beneficiaries and heirs and protecting your legal and financial rights in the unfortunate event you become incapacitated.

If you are seeking to dispute an estate plan or certain provisions in a will or trust, Mr. Russo has the practical experience to help you protect your legal rights in and out of court. Mr. Russo has spent decades achieving results for his clients in Surrogate’s Court. Whether you need to contest a will or you believe a trustee or estate administrator has breached his or her fiduciary duty, Mr. Russo has the knowledge, resources and skill to put you in a position to obtain a favorable result.
Representation Geared To Your Specific Circumstances

We understand that your finances, family and goals are all unique. Your estate plan should reflect your specific circumstances. Through a comprehensive estate plan, we can help you best fulfill your wishes regarding loved ones and charitable causes. You have worked hard to obtain the assets you own; we can help you maximize the benefit your loved ones receive from your hard-earned money.


Experienced Litigators Focused On Finding Solutions

The most important characteristics to look for in a litigation law firm are practical experience, a client-oriented approach and a history of success.

At Bam of New York, Inc., our firm is composed of veteran litigators and trial attorneys who have litigated cases in a variety of legal areas in federal, state, city, county courts as well as in mediations and arbitrations. Our results speak for themselves. Importantly, our client service remains a priority for our firm. Obtaining results requires individualized attention and a commitment to every client.
Getting Results For Over 30 Years

As a boutique litigation firm, we have the resources and experience to try complex cases and the personalized service that means your interests will always be at the forefront of every action we take. You will have a say in the way your case unfolds. At all times, we will be transparent, clear and honest about your options.

With decades of experience, we can provide you with realistic expectations about what litigation will look like and whether it is in your best interests to pursue a particular course of action. If it isn’t in your best interests, we will not recommend it. This practical approach to litigation is how we have been getting favorable results for our clients for over 30 years.

We Compromise When Possible; We Are Aggressive When Necessary.

Aggressive representation does not necessarily mean going to trial. What it does mean is we will aggressively promote a path that keeps your finances at the forefront. When a trial is necessary to protect your business, inheritance or intellectual property, we are veteran courtroom attorneys who know how to win at trial. But we pursue cost-effective solutions vigorously. We are focused and dedicated advocates for your best interests. Whatever your goals, we will advise you of the path that is most likely to get you the most favorable outcome at the lowest cost to you.

Real Estate Law

A Veteran New York Real Estate Lawyer On Your Side

Real estate law in New York is competitive. If you want to ensure that your commercial or residential real estate transaction protects your legal interests, turn to Bam of New York, Inc..

Bruno is a New York real estate veteran. In addition to providing legal services in the purchase and sale of real estate in New York for over 30 years, Mr. Bruno has run his own real estate firm and is currently a commercial landlord. If you want an attorney on your side with practical experience and a thorough knowledge of the law, Mr. Bruno is the lawyer for you.
Comprehensive Real Estate Transactional Services

Our law firm regularly helps in the development, purchase and sale of:

    Commercial real estate
    Residential real estate
    Multifamily co-ops and condos
    Joint ventures

We also represent:

    Landlords and tenants in connection with commercial leases
    Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, property owners, lenders, and other vendors in connection with the filing and defense of mechanic’s liens as well as the bonds and foreclosure actions related to those liens
    Purchasers and sellers with 1031 exchanges, which allow the deferral of capital gains when a property is sold, and the proceeds are reinvested within certain time limits in a like-kind property.

We regularly help both business entities and individuals in connection with their real estate assets. Our goal is not just to provide you with a specific legal service but also to be a part of your team leading you to success. We can help you with all of your legal real estate needs, including litigation and dispute resolution.
Litigation And Dispute Resolution

A successful development project or real estate transaction often depends on multiple partners. Unfortunately, inadequate preparation can quickly derail a joint venture. And one party’s failure to fully disclose defects or otherwise inadequately perform according to the purchase agreement can mean a significant loss. At Bam of New York, Inc., we know how to properly protect you from the outset of a joint venture or real estate purchase.